Aya DeSimone (she/her)

Serena has an extensive production/PM background in both the pharma advertising and film/tv worlds and is currently the VP of Creative Production Operations at Klick Health. A native New Yorker, Serena grew up in the Bronx & Queens, lived in Brooklyn and went to school in Manhattan and Queens (she holds a BA in Speech Communication and Theater from CUNY-York College). 

Serena lives in the Bronx and is excited to be partnering with ICM knowing first-hand how important it is for kids to see others who look like them in different roles and walks of life, and hopes that the ICM participants see themselves in her – even just a little bit.

When she’s not optimizing timelines and scopes of work, she’s spending time with her husband and 2 children, listening to music, watching just about any sport ESPN will air, or singing along with a musical. She cries during commercials, loves the Harry Potter books, the original Star Wars movies and is a fan of the entire Rocky franchise. She also likes (virgin) pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.