I Challenge Myself’s newest program, 4toFIT is a physical education (PE) class designed to provide students with the Building Blocks to lead a healthy lifestyle and develop valuable life skills. The 4toFIT program is complementary to the Cycling Smarts program, serving as a feeder program for students looking to challenge themselves further with Cycling Smarts or other sports programs at their schools or communities.

Physical Education Program

We organize 4 fitness challenges that provide a focus for all class activities and teach students to set and achieve goals: a 5k run, strength and cardio circuits.


1. Control: Flexibility & stability exercises, reading nutrition labels, setting and monitoring fitness goals

2. Movement: Cardio and movement based exercises, identifying carbs, proteins and fats

3. Strength: Muscular strength & endurance exercises, balancing what we eat with what we do

4. Power: Increased speed, agility and quickness, improved cardio & strength, enhanced knowledge of nutrition & healthy eating

“I noticed actually now I have been doing some of the warm ups at home. So it helps me with volleyball too because volleyball is a lot of movement and now I work out at home which helps me with volleyball. I used to cramp up a lot because I never worked out, but now I do so it helps me out and makes me more flexible than I was before.”

— Current student

“(The nutrition lesson) helped me because I am not trying to eat too much stuff and it gave me the direction of looking at the nutrition and seeing what is under 400 (calories) and what is above. I never eat anything that is 400 or above now.”

— Current student