I Challenge Myself programs work to improve learning, fitness and self-worth in New York City public schools. Currently I Challenge Myself provides five sports-based youth development programs at New York City public high schools:Cycling Smarts, College Bike Tour, 4toFIT, Healthy Heights, and GFI.

What makes our programs unique are the end of semester fitness challenges that are designed to promote effortful control, team work and test students’ physical and mental endurance. Each challenge event recognizes and celebrates students’ perseverance, accomplishments and personal growth. While each program has specific activities, they all use the following core activities:

Goal setting • Team building • Self-reflection • Nutrition education

Partnered Schools

East Side Community High School
Lower East Side

University Heights High School
South Bronx

George Washington Educational Campus
Washington Heights

High School for Media and Communication
Washington Heights

High School for Health, Career, and Sciences
Washington Heights

High School for Law and Public Service
Washington Heights

Our Partnership Model

We are building our capacity to expand to additional public high schools in New York City and to serve middle school students. Longer term we hope to partner with schools outside of NYC.


Provide schools with a fleet of bicycles and related safety supplies, fitness equipment, storage equipment and assist with bike maintenance costs. The bikes remain at the school for students to use with their coaches/teachers on organized rides.


Provide teachers/coaches with curricula, onsite training and support.


For the Cycling Smarts program, ICM contracts teachers from each school to run the class at their school for programming that takes place out of school time. This allows for cost sharing between ICM and the schools and also allows the schools to take ownership of the program.