Cliff Landesman (he/him)
Former Board Member

Congratulations to our Person of the Month, Cliff Landesman. Cliff was a former board member of I Challenge Myself and will be one of three honorees during this year’s Spirit Awards.


Cliff has been a passionate supporter of ICM for over seven years. Cliff’s love of bicycles first attracted him to ICM. What started with bicycles grew into a deeper appreciation for ICM’s larger mission. He believes that the challenges we set for ourselves help us grow. Physical challenges strengthen our other abilities. A fit body prepares us to meet emotional, social, and intellectual challenges. He likes to use just two words to express this body-mind connection: exercise enables!

Cliff , wearing an I Challenge Myself t-shirt, standing in Bodleian Library in front of his pieces.


Cliff also loves origami and philosophy. He put these two interests together in an exhibit recently hosted by the Bodleian Library in Oxford, England. Pairs of objects are used to elucidate important philosophical concepts, in particular six concepts from a classic work of philosophy by John Locke. You can learn more about the exhibit here:

Locke Unlocked (