I Challenge Myself 2024 Spirit Award Honoree

Congratulations to Dakim Duncan, Beacon Program Director at University Settlement, for his steadfast support of I Challenge Myself, economically challenged communities and commitment to the youth of New York City. 
University Settlement’s Beacon program engages young people with opportunities that bolster their self-confidence, open their eyes to future options, and nurtures a sense of belonging with the larger community by offering physical, social and emotional after-school programs for middle and high school students. 
The Beacon program and I Challenge Myself are natural partners in our joint commitment to enrich the lives of the students we serve. Dakim has been a consistent and valuable source of support in I Challenge Myself’s after-school programs as we work toward a shared goal of setting youth on a path of success through physical education, cycling, developing and achieving goals, and the value of teamwork. 
University Settlement, first established in 1886 as a settlement house, served as a home for immigrants who arrived in the United States providing courses on everything from politics to learning English. Today the organization has expanded to programs with 31 locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 
I Challenge Myself is proud to give the Trailblazer Award to Dakim Duncan for his commitment to the youth of New York City and enduring efforts to pioneer programs in underrepresented communities.