Our former Cycling Smarts Coach and now Program Manager, Barbara Smith, was presented with a letter written by one of her Cycling Smart participants, Vincent Sozzani. Vincent express his time in the program and how grateful he is of Barbara. Vincent writes:

To, Barbara [my 9th Grade Advisor, Science, and cycling teacher]

First of all, I hope you have an Amazing Thanksgiving!!

But the main reason of this letter is to thank you for being such an amazing & kind person. Throughout the small time we had together [covid Hit] you became my favorite teacher I’ve ever had [mid year] throughout my 6 years at East Side so far.

From always making science class fun, and making me look forward to going to science class, to being a caring advisor, that made sure her advisies took the best opportunities they had. Which led* me to my favorite extra-curricular I’ve ever attended. Which was your cycling class!

I had so much fun cycling all over lower Manhattan and having experiences I will keep forever. Your cycling class also showed me how you can overcome anything mentally & physically. From pushing myself to cycle farther, no matter how cold or hot it was.

And I really want to thank you for helping me find a bike to get over the summer after 9th grade. And I’m super happy with the specialized* blue I got.

Hope you’re* doing well, and again have an Amazing Thanksgiving!! – Vincent Sozzani

Participants like Vincent are the reason why ICM continue to thrive and expand to hundreds of students every year. We love to see participants acknowledge their hard work and achievements through the powers of motivation, determination, and teamwork. We celebrate the moments where they overcome their challenges, whether on a bike or in their every-day lives. Thank you, Vincent!