Andre Brown (he/him)
Chief Programs Officer

Andre grew up on his grandmother’s farm in Jamaica and migrated to the United States over two decades ago to pursue a degree in teaching. Early on he developed a passion for helping young people achieve their full potential academically, musically and athletically. In his free time you’ll even find him mentoring previous colleagues, coaching youth in his church organization and even functioning as an Athletics Director for an overnight camp in Pennsylvania!

Professionally, Andre managed several after-school programs in NYC as their Education Specialist, Program Director, Program Manager, Community School Director, and Director of College and Career. He currently holds a M.Ed. with a focus in special education and an MBA in data analytics. He effectively developed strategic partnerships to connect families to resources needed to break the cycle of poverty.

When Andre is at home around family and friends you’ll find him strumming a new rhythm on his guitar, biking with his wife, and of course playing soccer. (Go Manchester United!) He also participated in NYC’s annual 5k Sparta obstacle races. He is currently training for his first 5k run in February 2023 in Tennessee called the Cummins Falls Marathon. His next goal: is to run a 10K by 2025! Let’s see!

We are happy to have Andre on the I Challenge Myself team